The event starts on 1st August 2020 at 00:00 UTC and concludes on Tue, 22 Sep 2020 23:59 UTC


The objective of the AMSAT-UK OSCAR Satellite QSO Party is to encourage all radio amateurs around the world to get on the air and make contacts via satellites during northern hemisphere summer. We would like to attract both seasoned die-hard operators and all newcomers who are just getting involved.

While points are given per QSO this isn’t a contest, but we hope it will encourage people to get on the air and enjoy the excitement of making contacts through satellites.

The AMSAT-UK OSCAR Satellite QSO Party will be supported by an online leaderboard which will be available from the start of the event.


The point scoring for the AMSAT-UK OSCAR Satellite QSO Party is easy; most two-way contacts count for one QSO but extra points will be given for QSOs on lesser-used satellites to encourage activity.

Please note one restriction - only one contact with any station on the same satellite in a 24 hour period will count for points

  • QSOs through the QO-100 narrowband transponder count for 1 point
  • QSOs through FM and Linear Satellites in LEO count for 1 point

QSOs on the following satellites will give you 2 points per contact

  • NO-84
  • NO-103
  • NO-104
  • LO-87
  • Falconsat-3
  • AO-73
  • EO-88
  • TO-108

An extra 4 points for QSOs over 7000km on LEO satellites can be claimed, you must provide 6 character grid squares for these QSOs and, ideally, both upload to the leaderboard system.

During the event the AMSAT-UK club callsign will be aired (Gx0AUK) - working this callsign for the first time during the QSO party will gain you a bonus of 5 points; any further QSOs with the club callsign will count as zero.


Prizes will be awarded at the end of the event.

How To Take Part

Taking part in the OSCAR Satellite QSO Party is easy - points are calculated automatically just by uploading your ADIF file from your logbook. Simply visit and create an account, then upload your log or use the online form to input your QSOs. The system will automatically calculate your score and it will appear on the live leaderboard.

Data Handling

In order to carry out the AMSAT-UK OSCAR Satellite QSO Party, we will be capturing the following data:

  • Name of Participant
  • Callsign
  • Email Address (The email address will be held in accordance with the AMSAT-UK Privacy Policy and only used for contacting you regarding the QSO Party)
  • Grid Square (6 Character)
  • QSO Details are detailed below, any further data stored within the ADIF file will be ignored, files uploaded will be destroyed after the following data has been processed and stored.
    • QSO Start and End Date & Time
    • Callsign of the station worked
    • Grid Square of your operating position
    • Grid Square of station worked
    • Satellite Name
    • Satellite Mode