AMSAT-UK OSCAR QSO Party Leaderboard FAQ

Do you accept logs in x format

To reduce the burden of running the event, you can only submit logs via ADIF files, this is the format amateur radio logbook applications export and the same format things like eQSL and LoTW Accept.

We recommend uploading ONLY satellite QSOs this speeds up processing time.

Required ADIF Fields

When uploading your QSOs to the Leaderboard system, you need to make sure your ADIF file contains the following fields:

  • call
  • qso_date
  • time_on
  • time_off
  • gridsquare
  • sat_name
  • sat_mode (optional)

Satellite Names

The system uses the standard SAT_NAMEs used for LoTW

  • Falconsat-3 is FS-3

Server Errors 500

If the Server Errors 500 when uploading an ADIF file you likely have an error within your ADIF file, usually gridsquare is incorrect, remember we are expecting Either XX## or XX##XX

X being Letters and # Numbers, sadly it appears some software allows misformed gridsquares.

QSOs over 7000KM on LEO Confirmation

With QSOs on LEO satellites gaining a bonus if over 7000km, AMSAT-UK committee member may contact you for further confirmation of the QSO, this will be at random and remove the risk of fake QSOs.

We understand that most doing DX QSOs on satellites record the pass, we might request this recording.

What does the AMSAT-UK logo next to a callsign mean

If you see the AMSAT-UK logo AMSAT-UK Committee Member next to a callsign on the leaderboard, this indicates that they are a member of the AMSAT-UK Committee.

When will the results be released

The results of the AMSAT-UK OSCAR QSO Party will be released as soon as the event ends.

Need help?

AMSAT-UK Leaderboard was developed and supported by Peter, 2M0SQL who you can email for help or catch on Twitter @2m0sql